It is twelve years now since I first visited you with a typical ex Rugby players body, a neck that wouldn’t bend a hip that ached continually and a lower back that was always going into semi spasm and would get very sore. I got immediate relief from my first visit and was most impressed by your relaxed yet thorough professional manner and holistic and gentle approach ( I felt comfortable) My improvement over the next few years was consistent and considerable. Twelve years later I now simply go every couple of months to make sure any little niggle is attended to and my spine etc is in alignment. In my opinion money very well spent.
I have recommended you to many friends and ,family as you know and have had nothing but highly favourable comments from them.

Thankyou My life is so much enhanced thanks to you

I highly recommend David. He has a lot of patience to listen, ample knowledge and a magic touch.

I have seen Dave for Osteopathic treatments for several years now.
My treatments are always effective and his methods both nurturing and highly intuitive.
I am happy to say he’s good enough to always sort me out in 1 or 2 visits as well which makes it easy on the pocket.
I highly recommend his practice. He also plays great music in the clinic!

Great! The osteo session fixed an ongoing cosmetic injury of my leg that 30+ physio sessions couldn’t… only in 1 session! 10/10

“Thank you David for your wonderful osteopathic care of myself and my son. From the very first appointment you listened to my requirements, made a thorough assessment and have provided excellent and effective treatments. I have been to a great many osteopaths over the last 30 years, with varying degrees of success. Knowing that I require a regular ‘tune up’ from past injuries, etc., it’s great to be able to come to you and have you sort out the problems and get rid of those headaches!. My 12 year old son also finds your treatments effective and is happy to come to you as he knows that you have a gentle but very effective way of working. Thank you again David and be assured that you have two very happy clients.”

Dave Guilleminot is an exceptionally good osteopath and has a gentle and assured approach to his profession .
I always feel so much better and more supple after a visit to his clinic .

I have had lower back issues for many years before going to Dave for Osteo treatment. My body reacts well to Daves style, he has a firm gentle persuasive approach to his Osteopathy. Rather than treating just the area of pain; he takes a holistic approach and treats all the counteractive areas that contribute to the source of pain. The results have been fantastic.

David’s professional approach to my treatment has been outstanding. After seeing a number of osteopaths David finally sorted an on going problem. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending David to anyone requiring treatment.

I thank you for sorting my upper back out which had been “an issue” ever since a motorcycle accident 10+ years earlier I had thought it would never be right again.

I have been seeing Dave Guilleminot for some 14 years and he is the only osteopathi that can give me relief from a back problem which will never be operated on
I would not hestiate to recommend any one to see Dave – as in the past he has received lots of referrals from me
Thanking you Dave for all the pain relief –

I would like to recommend Dave Guilleminot as an osteopath. I have been treated by him over the years and he is one of the few people I trust to manipulate my neck as it has not been a straight forward treatment. My husband has also been treated by him over the years and we both think his work is very good and we would both recommend him to anyone requiring a good , expert osteopath.

“David’s work on me has been reliably miraculous for the last 10 years. He has always hit the spot and enabled me to return to work and performance in the best delay. Soothing and empowering, thank you!”

I have been visiting David for the past ten years for Osteopathic treatment, and cant speak highly enough of him. As a bricklayer for forty years, it is with his help I am able to carry on doing the job I love.
I also have two sons who receive treatment from David, and are both able to carry on playing high level sport with his help.

I highly recommend Dave as an osteopath who offers a professional service with a personal touch. I always benefit from a treatment – which is non-invasive and relaxing – with noticeable improvement every time. Thank you Dave.

David has been my osteopath for the last 4 years . I have always found his treatments thorough and effective. He looks into the root cause of the pain and deals with it at the source. He is always very courteous and professional. I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone.

I’ve had issues with both lower and upper back and neck for quite some time now and have tried a variety of treatments to alleviate the pain with some success but only in the short term…the pain always came back.  I recently visited Dave who identified a discrepancy between the length of my right & left leg.  He set me up with an shoe insert that I expected would set me off balance but, surprisingly, it feels more “right” than without it.  I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and have had no recurrence of the pain – I feel great!  Rather than just addressing the immediate issue, Dave looked to the root cause and now I can look forward to living my life without this recurring pain. Thanks Dave!

“I am regular patient of David’s, with regular visits for a chronic cranial condition. I will point out that I have consulted with a large number of practitioners over the last 11 years since my injury. Therefore I can compare techniques and abilities immediately. I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend David as a particularly gifted, capable and knowledgeable osteopath. I trust few osteopaths for manipulations with my neck and spine. But I have complete confidence in David’s expertise and the precise control of his handling.”

David is always at my fingertips. He will put himself out to accommodate me and is always very pleasant and willing to help with my shoulder and neck problems. I have been visiting him for a number of years and are more than happy with his treatments.